I'm an interior designer, decorator and stylist who aims to show you how effortlessly a space can be transformed and made to look chic and sophisticated.
I accidentally joined the field of interiors. I 'm a business graduate who was in between internships and deciding what to do with my life when I went to work for my parents (who are furniture designers and manufacturers). Image text A few days of understanding the business turned into 3 years. The furniture on its own was not quite enough to create an ideal space. The best spaces are a mix of a various carefully thought out elements. No project ever left me completely satisfied in terms of the end-product, thus I decided to become an interior designer. So, I went ahead and did an interior decoration course at the Inchbald School of Design in London followed by an internship in a West-London studio. After learning a whole lot of things and getting some hands on experience, now here I am starting my own little business.
A lot of my design inspiration comes from my Mom whom I used to watch while she would potter around the house and decorate nooks and corners. She would collect various accessories and nick knacks on different holidays. A home can never be complete, it 's an ongoing story. Yet, there is a fine line between decorating and cluttering. Precision and discipline is something that I've learnt from my Dad. He is quite the perfectionist and the one thing I 've learnt is to never do a project that isn 't absolutely perfect (as imperfectly perfect as it can be).
I aim to help create the perfect space for all those who need a little help in piecing it all together. Interiors are meant to be aesthetically appealing and yet functional, but most importantly personal. So the goal is just that. Be it a lick of paint, help in furniture selection, doing up a nook or corner or redecorating the entire space, I 'm, at your service!