When it comes to interiors no two spaces are the same and every space needs to be tailored as per the client's unique style and needs. And we offer all the services to do just that for you and create your dream space.

Initial Meeting
Spatial Planning
Purchasing Assistance
Finishes Sourcing
Project Management
Styling and Staging (residential and commercial)
Email and Phone Support
Site Visit
Furniture Layouts
Paint Selection
Furniture Sourcing
Planning a Budget

The ProcessHow it works

1.Initial Meeting

Depending on what you prefer, there is an option of a face-to face meeting or online/telephone meetings. In this step, I get to know you better, understand your needs and take your brief. Followed by a site visit or you sending photographs, depending on the kind of service you opt for.

2. Selecting your service

Online consultancy or Face to Face
You decide whether you would want to opt for the face to face or online consultancy option.
Online consultancy
If you are just looking for some online consultancy, then that's fine as well. We decide on a project fee and proceed from there. You send me photos of the space which you wish to decorate, existing furniture-accessories that you would like to keep in the space and your exact needs from the space. After which I start designing for you.
Face to face
We then decide whether we work on an hourly basis or a room by room basis depending on the scope of your project .
In case you are looking for a quick fix then that's what you get. You can hire me for a day and I will provide you with design ideas and spatial planning and take you shopping to find what you need.

3.Designing and Executing

I will then present you with design solutions and options depending on the scope of your project. This will include all the services that you would like, be it just styling, sourcing, layout or everything from spatial planning to finishing touches.
There will be constant interaction and phone and email support for all the questions that you may have during this process. This step may also include shopping trips if you desire to come along and any additional meetings if need be.

4. Installation

This is the final step in which I will oversee the installation of all the new things sourced for the project. This is also the time I style the space and add all the finishing touches.

5.Enjoy and Celebrate

Time for you to now sit back and enjoy your newly decorated dream space. So, send out the invites to loved ones and have a jolly time! Once you’re ready to decorate your next dream space you know where to find me and how it all works.

Other Features

For all those passionate interior lovers, there will also be a blog to follow. Hopefully I will be able to provide you with enough material to keep you entertained. These posts will be inspirational, providing you with the latest design trends.